Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Strike Percussion Performance

The Junior and Lower Middle children were treated today to a performance from the Wellington based group Strike Percussion.  They played a variety of percussion instruments and the children really enjoyed the music and interactive nature of the performance.

We were also treated to performances from some of our own school musicians including Mrs Page and Mr Ayers.

Well done to Isabelle and Joshua who were chosen to go up on stage and join the group in their performance.  Great rhythm and drumming Isabelle and Josh.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The 4 Dragons

We have been having lots of fun exploring the story of The 4 Dragons.

We made dragons out of salt dough and painted them.  We are also working on making dragons made out of egg cartons.

We are now deepening our knowledge of the story and characters.  Today, in small groups, the children acted out a scene from the story.  They took on the role of characters from the story and were even able to tell us how the characters were feeling.  These are photos of the groups 'in role'.

Ashley was the Emperor and the children asked her question.  Ashley had to answer the questions as if she actually was the Emperor! These are some examples of questions the children asked.

 "How did you feel when the dragons came to your castle without an invitation?" 
 "Where do you live?" 
 "Why did you put the mountains on the dragons?" 
 "How did you feel when they turned into rivers?"

Monday, 15 May 2017


Paula, a nurse from the School Based Mental Health Team came in and ran another Mindfulness session with the Room 10 children.
They learnt how to use their senses - how things look, sound, smell, taste and feel
They experimented with eating an apple - SLOWLY and had to share their thoughts.

Paula challenged them to use their senses when doing other activities such as walking outside, exercising, resting, eating etc.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Our - Daddy fell into the Pond - Poem

We are practicing a poem we would like to read out at the LMS assembly this week.
Would you like to see it?