Wednesday, 22 November 2017


We had a wonderful trip to Ferrymead on Tuesday 21st November.  Thanks to the wonderful parent helpers who assisted us.

The children spent time in the classroom, bakery, general story, movie theatre and looking at old fashioned clothing.  They also had a tram ride.

On arrival, the children were told of the appropriate ettique of the day:

Stand straight and tall, no slouching.
Shoes must be clean, tidy and polished.
Ladies before gentleman
Children must be seen and not heard.  An adult will start the conversation.

As you can imagine, most children were very surprised by these rules.  They were also surprised at the classroom, lack of playground and how strict Miss Black, the teacher was!

We all had a wonderful day.


The swimming pool is now open and we went for our first swim today.

Words to describe the water - fresh, cold, crisp, chilly, refreshing, warm when you were in!!!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Lower MIddle School Athletics

What a wonderful day it was as our LMS gathered for their athletics.  We have been practicing over the last few weeks and the Room 10 children impressed us all with their determination, encouragement of others, sportmanship  and by the way they gave their best.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Room 10 ready for the day!

Wow Room 10, you are all amazing!!!

Ms Toscano had written the handwriting on the board to do after the roll, but ....
a whole lot of children came in to class after 8.30 and started (and finished) their handwriting before the 9 o'clock bell had even rung.  You are all super stars!!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Maori Language Week Waiata Challenge

A big congratulations to the Room 10 children for winning their way through the heats and semi final to represent the Lower Middle School in the Belfast School, Maori Language Week, Waiata challange.

We performed our own version of Mahunga Pukahiwi to the whole school at assembly this afternoon and did an amazing job.  They are all stars!!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Our Trip to the Antarctic Centre

On Tuesday, the Lower Middle School Children visited the Antarctic Centre to reinforce the learning we have been doing during Inquiry time - Poles Apart - North and South.

We had a wonderful time and below are a few photos of some of the highlights.

 This is the food chain that we learnt about.  If the plankton at the bottom of the food chain die, then the other animals will have nothing to eat and they will die.   (by Yasman and Joshua)

 Everyone had to wear plastic covers over their shoes so that the ice in the snow room would not get dirty.  They looked like elf shoes.  (by Ali)

 They look like elves standing in a row and getting ready for Santa.  (by Tyler)

 People were all lining up in a row to get ready to go into the snow room.  We were feeling excited and nervous.  (by Oli)

 These photos were taken inside the snow and ice room.  We were having a blizzard and it was very chilly.  The temperature was -8 degrees.  (by JJ)

 We got to see some Little Blue Penguins and White Flippered Penguins.  They had coloured bands on their flippers and that told us if they were boys or girls.  All the penguins had been injured and they were being looked after.  (by Ruby, Isabelle and Erika)

 Look at these animals.  They all look a bit cute.  (by Jyrah)

 Gabrielle was dressing up Sam in really big and long and hot clothes like they have to wear in Antarctica.

 They dont have any toilets so they use buckets.  The girls have a special thing to go to the toilet.  When they go to the toilet, it goes into a plastic bag and is then taken back to NZ.  We are not allowed to leave anything behind in Antarctica.  (by Paige and Aidan)

 Does Isabelle have her drivers license?

 These are three different types of penguins.  I am bigger than an Emperor Penguin.  (said Mac)

 This is a tent that people live in. " I would not like to live in it." said Ryleigh
Charlie is trying to teach Ali how to drive properly.